Classic Volkswagen Inspiration

The root of VdubFever began with a single, crimson red 21-window VW Bus in Claremont, California, carrying not only my beloved bloodhound Buster but my art pieces in the backseat. In pristine condition for a 1967 classic, it was ripped off in 2002, with my art still inside. Years later, persevering through the loss of my hard work, both vehicle and canvas, I formed an art gallery in Manhattan Beach, California. Later redesignating it into a virtual gallery for worldwide access to highlight various works, RedArtBox is a design and publishing company specializing in Art publications, exhibitions, and VdubFever apparel. What could be better than combining the pristine, classic toy Volkswagens and art INSIDE a moving vehicle? The crafted designs are perfect for those who are both into Vdubs and artwork. It’s not a passion; it’s a lifestyle.